Missouri’s Casinos and Gambling

In Missouri, you may only gamble for real money on riverboats. Commercial or Native American casinos that are “land-based” do not exist. In 1992, a popular vote determined that riverboat casinos should be allowed to operate. With this new law, Missouri joins four other states that allow this type of gaming. In the beginning, the casinos would go out for two hours of gambling and then return to the harbor. A change to the legislation in the early 2000s made it unnecessary for these cruise ships to go at sea. Most riverboats are now operating throughout the clock, and they welcome customers on a first-come, first-served basis.

Social gambling sites are the only ones allowed by law. Slot machines and virtual tables are available for play at these websites. The games can only be played for fun, and there is no chance of winning any cash prizes. The restriction does not apply to casinos that hold sweepstakes. This style of gaming offers participants the potential to win both monetary and non-monetary prizes at random.

Gaming establishments are losing money and the local casino scene is not doing well. The passage of a pair of measures to regulate and tax sports betting provides some hope. Discussions among legislators have begun on legalizing gambling within the state. There is now a dispute about whether the Missouri Gaming Commission or the Missouri Lottery Commission will have authority over the industry. Sooner rather than later, perhaps, people will start making their initial bets at legal sportsbooks.

In 1980, the government sanctioned gambling for charitable purposes. The state lottery was then established in 1986. Charity activities often include bingo and raffles, and the lottery hosts both statewide and nationwide drawings.

Exciting Nuts and Bolts About the State

Missouri gets its name from a Sioux Indian tribe of the same name, and it borders eight other states. Although it is known as the “Show Me State,” with over 6,000 caverns, it could just as easily be dubbed “the Cave State.” The only cave restaurant in the United States is located in Richland.

Missouri gained some notoriety as an innovator and inventor in 1904 when it produced both the ice cream cone and iced tea at the same time. When a seller at the St. Louis World’s Fair ran out of cups, they rolled up waffles from a neighboring stand to use as containers for their ice cream, thereby inventing the ice cream cone. At the same gathering, a server reportedly created iced tea by adding ice to a cup of hot tea.

If you’re looking for a city with more fountains than Rome, go no farther than Kansas. A guy from St. Louis who was 8 feet, 11.1 inches tall is the tallest person in the world.

Locations to Bet in Missouri

All of Missouri’s casinos are located on or near the water, which is appropriate given the state’s reputation for its waterways. Eastern and western boundaries are formed by the Missouri and Mississippi rivers, along which 13 riverboats ply their trade. Within cities, artificial moats and ponds were built to facilitate trade. In many areas, riverboats are really structures that use smokestacks and other props to give the illusion that they are ships.

Kansas is home to four casinos total, two of which are located in the state’s bordering states. With 2,200 slot machines, 66 table games, and 16 poker tables, Ameristar is the largest casino in the area. Four more casinos may be found in and around St. Louis. Those in Illinois, Tennessee, and Arkansas can access three that are located on the eastern border. Last but not least, the Isle of Capri casino in Boonville may be found on the elongated eastern bank of the Missouri River.

Double Down, Slotomania, Zynga, and Big Fish are just some of the social casinos you may choose from. Even though no MGM resorts are physically located within the state of Nevada, players may still earn and redeem comps at any of the resorts using the MyVegas app.

Missouri residents can play at one of many offshore casinos that allow real money wagers. However, one must use caution while interacting with such operators. Since state legislators do not see internet gambling favorably, gamers at offshore sites are completely unprotected.

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